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5. What is Included in your fee?


Included in my fee is a provisional meeting to see if you would like to work with me.


If you would like to work with me then any further meetings we have within the London or Brighton area are included. Any travel outside those locations may cost extra depending on the location. I am happy to meet you over Skype if you would prefer.


I will meet you for a rehearsal before the event at the location or at a venue of your choosing.


I will arrive well before I perform the ceremony so I can liaise with you or any other professionals you are working with on the day - photographers etc...


After the ceremony I will present you with a hand-made booklet of the ceremony script that you can keep.


I also have public liability insurance provided by Equity to the value of £10 mill.


Email, call or text me all the way up to the event!


5. What is not Included in your fee?


Travel expenses (reasonable - no limos)

A PA system - as a rough guide if you have up to 80 guests inside you shouldn't need one, but if you do need one then it's best to ask your venue or your band/DJ if they have one you can use for the ceremony.

The cost of any large props for the ceremony - for example hurricane vases to hold candles for a candle ceremony.


8. What can I include in my ceremony?


Anything you like! If you would like to take inspiration from religious rites of passage and add them into your ceremony, whether it be Christian, Pagan, Humanist, Atheist etc... we can do that. If you would like a completely non-religious ceremony, focussed on the people you care about and what they mean to you - then we can do that. If you want something really traditional,  or simple and understated, then we can do that. Or, if you would like something a bit different, if you want to sing your vows to each other, or include a troupe of Lindy-hopp dancers then we can make that happen.

Your ceremony can be anything you want it to be. Pretty exciting stuff isn't it?


9. Are you religious or affiliated with any religion?


I am an independent celebrant and my only interest is that you have the day you want to have.

I am not religious myself but I respect the dignity of other religions and their viewpoints and spiritual perspectives. Diversity is what makes the world a great place to live in.


10. I have another question...


Ask away! Just drop me an email or give me a call. V. happy to assist

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1. What is a Celebrant?

What can they add to my day?


A Celebrant officiates at a ceremony or rite, and they can be religious or not at all. As an Independent Celebrant I am not affiliated with a particular religion so I can work entirely for you, and with you, to script a ceremony which reflects you and your personal beliefs. Ceremonies exist to celebrate people and their achievements; I believe the process of creating your ceremony should be as uplifting and enjoyable as the event itself.


2. Is the Ceremony Legally Binding?


At this point no. No matter where or how you are wed, you do have to register your wedding with your local council. In this country we are used to the idea of a wedding ceremony and the registration of a wedding taking place simultaneously. All around the world the family ceremony and the registration happen at different times - think of it like this:  you wouldn't celebrate your birthday on the day your birth was registered at the council - weddings are no different.


 3. What are the advantages?


With a celebrant you are free to have the sort of celebration that you would like, exactly as you want it to be. It's that simple. You won't be constrained by rules, locations or times. It will be a much more personal and fun experience.  You don't need approval on music or readings and you can meet me before I perform the wedding - sounds obvious but you wouldn't meet a registrar until they turn up on the day.


4. Are you a qualified Celebrant?


 Yes! I was trained by the UK branch of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and have membership to their organisation. They are a recognised official body for celebrants in the UK and around the world. For more info please see their excellent website: ProfessionalCelebrants.org.uk



6. I have an unusual idea for my wedding, can you help?


Yes - I have to admit that I love themes and the creative process of working out how I include them in a ceremony.  I am very open to new ideas! I am an actress so if you would like me to act at your wedding ceremony, if it has a special theme for example then I would be happy to. Please let me know what you have in mind.


7. Which areas do you work in?


All over. I am based in East London and I will happily travel to meet you for an initial free consultation within the Greater London area.  If you are having a ceremony further afield I would be happy to act as your celebrant too, although I would ask that our first meeting be over Skype and that on the day of the rehearsal/event that any reasonable travel and accommodation costs are covered on top of my fee.

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